About TJ

T.J. Sharpe grew up in South Jersey, and has called Pittsburgh, Hoboken, Somers Point, and Haverford home before landing in Fort Lauderdale in 2004.

T.J. graduated from Bishop Eustace Prep in Pennsauken, NJ, and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA,; at both places he played football, underachieved academically, made lasting friendships with great people, and somehow came out smelling like roses each time.

He has worked in the IT field for his entire professional career, most recently as a Project Manager at Cross Country Home Service in Sunrise, FL; before that as an "IT guy" doing a little bit of everything for Republic Services, Office Depot, and as a consultant in the pharma and finance industries for Sapient and CSC. His rise to mediocrity in the technical field started with CSC's training program for new consultants; apparently business/psychology majors were in enough demand pre-Y2K to send to eight weeks of semi-intense, semi-fraternity-pledge-like training. Since then, he has learned that while he could read code and tell you roughly what it does, he was much better at managing those with actual technical skills.

Married to his lovely attorney wife Jennifer, T.J. has not won an argument at home in several years. They have two children - eldest Josie will be 3 in March 2013 and has been described as "independent" since she has crawled; young Tommy was born in July 2012 and has been non-stop smiles and adorable looks since. Both Sharpe children are adaptable sleepers by necessity, being dragged all around Fort Lauderdale, both coasts of Florida, and pretty much up and down the East Coast with Mommy and Daddy (Josie even has a Jamaican stamp in her passport!). Josie is an avid swimmer, Disney princess in training, and playground fanatic. Tommy aka "Moose" is still forming his personality but will almost certainly grow up to be a football lineman and charm the ladies in kindergarten with that smile. Jennifer wears the cape in the family, pulling off Mommy duty along with her lawyerly duties and social responsibilities to ensure everyone has a good time at all social events.