In the early days after TJ's initial diagnosis, his young Godson Tyler sent one of his favorite toys to Florida via his grandparents Tom & Estelle when he heard that his Uncle TJ was sick. This toy was a small construction worker action figure, and Tyler's intent with sending it was to “help fix him up!” I think that this heartwarmingly earnest desire to help is something that we’ve all felt since hearing the news.

Cancer survivors and medical experts will tell you that two of the biggest keys to beating the disease are access to the best treatments and keeping your spirit strong. There are many things that a patient’s support network can do on both of these fronts, but one of the most important best practices that has consistently been recommended is to do a monetary donation drive. This is because having a pool of outside money dedicated to his recovery will allow TJ to pick the treatment and logistical situation that he thinks will be optimal for him and his family, without worrying about cost.

Thus, the best way for the rest of us to join Tyler in "helping fix TJ up" is by donating to his recovery fund. We appreciate anything that you can do to help our mutually dear family member and friend.

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